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Jose Baez is the now famous defense attorney that represented Casey Anthony and had her acquitted of murder charges the State of Florida filed against her. Jose Baez showed in closing arguments that Jeff Ashton and the State of Florida case was all circumstantial. With his mentor Cheney Mason by his side, Jose Baez was able to launch himself as the new Johnnie Cochran, if you will. In press remarks after, and soon to be seen with Barbara Walters, Jose Baez will tell the story of the three years of blood, sweat, and tears he put into this case. The not guilty verdict was a celebration in the Orange County Courthouse and you could tell how much it meant to Jose Baez after when he addressed the media in Spanish. Please take a minute to leave your comments/thoughts with facebook about Jose Baez and like this page. Please check back for updates on Jose Baez in the aftermath of a huge victory for himself.